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Most of my blogging activities are now at stop by and say hi.

I’m Finding…

I’m finding I have less and less to say these days.

I’m finding that sometimes perhaps, the best thing to know, is to not know.

I’m finding that to quietly sit and delight in this gift of solitude, listening to the whispers of nature is bringing me a deeper and deeper sense of gratitude.

I’m finding that I’m becoming more and more just a simple appreciator of the Divine Presence of Entirety, where no other thought is required.

This Blog has No Moving Parts

Man, when I check out other Blogs mine is defiantly archaic, but then so is it’s author.

Other blogs have spinning, blinking, flashing things, some of which jump out at you. They have music, incredible colors, links, track backs (links and trackbacks I think I have a handle on) and pictures of other bloggers which I think is associated with those that leave comment. I think I have that installed now.

Anyway, they’re a delight to behold. Mine? It will remain this way with no moving parts. My rural wireless broad band internet connection would have a stroke if I asked it to do any of those things. And at $80.00 a month for 10 GBs…

But hey, I’ve got the high desert sky and simple suits me.


The Never Speak Phenomenon

One of the things I like about the mystical is how it can often turn around and kick you in the butt. It’s part of the “Never say never” thing.

Case in point:
In one of my recent posts I went on about how I tried several blog hosts for a new additional blog “the pendipper.” And how I found WordPress to be the comfortable broken-in pair of shoes, and so I put it here in WordPress. You know, keep it simple right….WRONG.
When I went to fine tune the theme so I could start using it, nothing worked. The theme had a ‘image in the sidebar” widget and “sticky post” capabilities. When I first set up the theme I had an image there but wanted to swap it out for another and I wanted a sticky post. Well after about 20 attempts and 2 hours later the only accomplishment I achieved was frustration turned to anger and when I discovered that I had the same problem with THIS theme….
The dog asked to go outside and gave me one of her disgusted ‘and your the Buddhist-Taoist-Sufi monk??? looks.’ She had a point.
So I logged out of WordPress, made a cup of coffee and went to the Thumblr site, to give it a second look. Well much to a part of my souls horror, I’m developing fairly good computer and web navigation skills, and I found the platform absolutely delightful. There’s no learning curve it’s beyond simple to’s EVEN FUN.
I had a free simple template with everything I wanted and
was up and running with it’s first post in a matter of minutes.
Then I logged into WordPress and deleted my pendipper blog. Have you ever tried to delete a Blog here? It’s a lot of “ARE YOUR SURE…THIS CAN NOT BE UN-DONE, ALL WILL BE LOST and then a e-mail confirmation link back to the site for the final cremation ceremony. I still have a great affection for WordPress with it’s superb features and want to keep this blog here.
But for the lighthearted, spontaneous kind of stuff I want to do with the pendipper, Tumblr is perfect. I may have even found a better remote off line blogging app. If your reading this post then I did…but never say…

Eremite…the workings of a spiritual recluse

B W Portrait small   I’ve been a contemplative recluse since 1956.

Although there have been many years in my life when I was an active participant in the worldly world and had many experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything better.

Some people have life events that run in a linear sequential course. While others, such as myself, have had life events that were scattered like pollen across the plains of existence. Events that at first glance seem to lack rhyme or reason, but when examined under the microscope of objective consideration, a broad brush stroke of colorful wonderment is revealed. We discover the method to the madness of chaotic randomness. And the older we get the easier this is to see.

But the expanse of experiences can be overwhelming and so an occasional sabbatical into solitude is needed to sort things out, to fit the mystical puzzle pieces of events together in order to see the big picture. And then much to our amazement a life direction is seen and the irony is that its been there all along.

I’m a contemplative recluse. I felt it in the core of my being back in 1956, but didn’t allow it to be expressed in a lifestyle until 1997.

On average I spend five hours a month in any kind of social interaction. I’ve been told that this isn’t natural, that it goes against the grain of human nature. That we are morally obligated to participate in making this a better world. But my response is that the most natural thing a person can do is to follow their inner directive, and that’s also the first step in bettering the world. Because when you follow your inner directive it brings you peace and contentment. And a world filled with peaceful contented beings speaks for its self.

I’m neither asocial or antisocial. I’ve simply discovered divine consistency and the lack of social hysteria.

” The further out you go the longer you stay, until there comes a time when you discover there’s very little reason to return.”

Know who you are and then go where you belong.

We come into this life for the return, it’s the strong pull toward home.

It’s percieved in the heart long before it is apparent to the mind.

For me sustained joy comes in sustained solitude because joy is a delicate thing that quietude serves well.

And if we are fortunate, it’s joy that leads us to the great transparency, where all struggling ends. As you yield to the strong pull toward home.

Transcending Loss

One of the main precepts in the Buddha’s teachings was to end all attachments of any kind, because they can be loss in the waiting and loss brings our greatest sorrow.

The ancient Taoist adepts even advised detachment from life while still living.

But they also taught that within the negative can be found the positive. Great loss can bring great gain.

It’s human nature to fall in love with people, places and things. And if you can keep the attachments open and even without conditions, you can transcend any loss by seeing the gain.

There is no need for prolonged sorrow. Look for the gift of the gain.

There Was a Moment…

There was a moment so far back and long ago that is now far ahead and yet to come, but it will. 

This was before linear sequential time reference when what was used was only what was needed. And the only time reference needed was continuance.

Things continued as they were or discontinued as they had been and then continued anew. Compounded matter could discontinue as compounded but its parts continued either as individual or in another compound. But everything was a significant part of the quintessential whole, whether individual or compounded. So even the individual indivisible was a part of the whole. And the whole was quintessential continuance in quintessential balance.

This was when time was out of mind. When mind was perception not opinion, and what mind perceived was its significant relationship to the whole in balance.

The interaction frequency between mind and the whole is subtle. And at some inter-moment within the moment being discussed and for reasons unknown, except for the possibility that the unknown was the reason. Mind mutated and became preoccupied with the gross frequency stimulus of the physical senses. Which muted all subtle frequencies, thereby diminishing the contact bond with the whole and its continuance in balance.

That which loses contact with that which continues exists in a state of confusion.

I believe we live in a moment of a closed looped cosmos, nothing is added to or subtracted from the quintessential whole. There is no death, only molecular change, entirety is in the perpetual motion of continuance. There are no inanimate objects we simply can’t perceive their movement.

So the moment will come within the moment of moments when we will become simple particles. And once again have intimate contact with that which matters. The quintessential whole in a balanced continuance with the absolute absence.

Absolute Absence in Continuum.

Everything abides in a single vast expanse of empty open evenness.

Within this vast expanse which has no corners or edges and is beyond all dimensionality, emptiness embraces nothingness. Resulting in a single open evenness where there is no need for differentiation. There are no preferences, it’s beyond the need of choice.

Everything abides in supreme equanimity and therein lies its simplicity and completeness. Spontaneously ever present it’s the ground from which all phenomena arise and the ground in which all phenomena resolve.

It’s the absolute absence, empty but not void, it contains entirety in non-confinement.

Such an arrangement allows for the primordially pure ebb and flow of continuum where nothing is held captive by concept.

Even this.

The Space In Between.

There’s a space in between all that is and all that occurs. It’s so pervasive that it is all things and occurrences. Separate yet the same, as if existing in non-existence. 

Some people call this space God and offer prayers.

Some call it the Tao and conform to it.

Some call it Awakened Mind and live by it.

I call it the space in between.

Those that live in the stillness of being fall into balance with it’s rhythm, separate yet the same, and they experience a synchronicity with divine motion.  

This space can be known but never found, because looking for it gets in the way of ever finding it. Realization is in the heart not the conceptual mind, because the heart has eyes while the mind is blind.

We are forever investing a factitious self into factitious phenomena and then suffering the results of false perceptions. 

Because other than the space in between, perhaps there is nothing, nothing whatsoever. 

Which is the wonderment of wonders where wayfarers roam.

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